1. Dave, I left you a message on your site. I just got Volcan Dreams and you also sent me what appears to be your newest album “That Which Prevails”. I only ordered the Volcan Dreams and didnt expect the new album. I am sure it will be great like Volcan Dreams. I have been rooting around the Bandcamp website for a long time now. It is entirely great to find musicians that were rock, prog heroes from years ago and other people who have been putting out very relevant music for quite a while. I almost gave up a few years ago to buy anymore music as I had pretty much got all my wish list albums. Great I will probably be buying more from you……… I kept telling Chris Gill……..Edgar would be proud! And I am not saying you are a TD tribute band or anything like that. You are definitely in your own world with your music. In the far future there will probably be many trying to emulate you!

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