I’m not sure what the correct word for the act of signing signatures onto Signatures should be – but Signature-ception sounds about right!

So, last week, after the big batch of imported CDs from the USA finally made it through the red tape and rubber stamping ritual known as “customs”, I took a train up to Budapest with a big bag stuffed full to brimming of the two new freshly minted albums, Signatures I. and Signatures II., on a visit to Zsolt’s place.

As you can see from the picture, Zsolt’s getting through the covers at a fair old rate – I suspect at least 140bpm – that’s drummers for you. He came up with an excellent suggestion too – when you get your personal copy delivered, you’ll notice that we’ve cunningly put our signature under our respective name at the top of the CD. So hopefully there’ll be no mistaking whose signature on Signatures we signed!

They’re all lovingly placed back now into their respective shiny jewel cases, and you’ll find the fruits of our combined labour for sale on the bandcamp site under “merch” – look out for the two new additions at the top of the page.

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