Signatures II. ft. Zsolt Galántai (2013)

With the addition of the acclaimed Hungarian drummer, Zsolt Gal├íntai, formerly of the rock band “Ossian” and “Baba Yaga”, Dave Pearson has produced a work which fuses the essence of German Electronic Berlin School with Progressive Rock elements.

Music for Earthquakes (2011)

An experimental ambient album inspired directly and using seismological data from a 4,8 magnitude earthquake in Hungary.

Aqual Measure (2009)

computerchemist’s fourth album “aqual measure” was released in November 2009. An album of solid Berlin-school-style jazz-rock, perfecting a blend of raw guitar work and uber-precise sequencer lines.

Landform (2008)

computerchemist’s third album released in December 2008. His latest excursion takes the listener again into an ethereal synthesizer and guitar landscape, with a distinctly original take on the classic Berlin-school sound.

Icon One (2007)

From the energy and light of the title track “icon one” to the darkness and entropy of “icon zero”, computerchemist weaves an evocative blend of instrumental synthesis which is sure to delight fans of the EM genre.

Atmospheric (2006)

The album “atmospheric” was released in January 2007 to critical acclaim. Drawing heavily on the Berlin School sound, but interpreting it in a distinctly modern style, within its seven tracks it takes the listener on a fresh voyage of discovery, with each piece telling a very different story through the universal medium of music.